The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 3

imagesIn Matthew 3, we catch our first glimpse of John the Baptist, Jesus’ first cousin. John has an important role as the forerunner of Jesus’ ministry. He was the one who had been given the privilege to announce the coming of the God’s kingdom. Three words stand out to me as I read John’s story.


John came to announce the coming of God’s kingdom in Christ. His purpose was to tell everyone that God’s kingdom was coming, that Jesus was coming. (He had been born and he was preparing to begin his earthly ministry.) John understood his role as herald. He was to proclaim the kingdom arrival and the presence of its king. The gospel is an announcement. It’s an announcement of what Christ has done.


John did not mince words when he preached. He called sin, sin. He challenged people to repent from their sin and to follow God. Repentance was what his baptism was all about. It symbolized a going through the waters of judgment, resting in the grace of God, and committing ones eyes upon righteousness. John told his listener that they needed to repent in order to be prepared to receive the most glorious king who was coming.

Religious Presumption

John called the religious leaders on their religious presumption. They had presumed that because they were ethnically tied to Abraham that God really wasn’t interested in the change in their lifestyles. Wrong. They presumed on the basis of God’s kindness that they had little to be concerned about. God demands holiness. He opened the door to holiness and true repentance in the baptism of Jesus. Religious presumption is a dangerous thing.

I take two challenges from this chapter. First, announce the presence of the kingdom. The king has come. Announce the good news to the world. When you make a public or private announcement of the kingdom, you are proclaiming what Jesus has already done. Find someone to whom you can be a herald of God’s grace in Christ. Second, beware of religious presumption. Be on your guard. Confess the entitlement sins you bear before the Lord. Repent from that sin. Make sure that you take spiritual inventory of your life daily.

(This is going to be difficult. Confessing entitlement sins is not fun, but it has to be done.)

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