The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 2

thChapter 2 begins with one of my favorite stories of the Gospel. The wise men see a star and take a chance in following it. Their testimony and sacrifice encourages me on my journey to follow Christ.


Jesus is the king of the nations. He’s the king of the world. He didn’t simply come to the Jews like many thought he would. He came for the Gentiles too. The fact that the wise men saw a star tells us that God intended to draw them to himself. He called them to himself. He pursued them long before they ever pursued him. In the same way, he has pursued our souls. A God who pursues us in this way is irresistible. “Jesus sought me when a stranger wondering from the fold of God, he to rescue me from danger interposed his precious blood.”


Two words came to mind as I read chapter 2. Grace and Providence. God is gracious in his dealings with the wise men. He pursued them. He welcomed them. He protected them on their journey and from Herod. God exercised his providence in the way he ordered the events of Jesus’ early years to preserve his life. God is in control of all of history. He orders the events of history in order to accomplish his purposes. And, he does this in a way that preserves our choice to follow him. This passage allows us to experience both his grace and providence.


Herod and the religious leaders in Jerusalem were physically and religiously close to the birth of Jesus. Bethlehem wasn’t far from Jerusalem. Micah had prophesied that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem; yet, the leaders in Jerusalem didn’t recognize Jesus. It is possible to be close to Jesus and still not know him, not recognize him, not live unto him. Our challenge today is to seek out the king of the nations, to intentionally stop and interact with him. We can do this by offering simple “arrow” prayers as our day progresses.

An example of an “arrow” prayer is, “Lord, thank you for ordering my life. You are a God of grace. Help me to see you in everything.”

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