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The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 9

I’m really starting to like this project. Reading through Matthew and processing the Scripture has challenged and encouraged my soul. I have noticed that I am developing a thirst for God’s word and the application of it in my life. Accessibility and Assistance  When… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 9”

The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 8

Matthew makes it abundantly clear that Jesus brought about God’s kingdom — God’s active rule and reign. Jesus is the king. He is the one who is more than worthy of praise and glory. In chapter 8, Matthew begins to illustrate the activity of… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 8”

The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 3

In Matthew 3, we catch our first glimpse of John the Baptist, Jesus’ first cousin. John has an important role as the forerunner of Jesus’ ministry. He was the one who had been given the privilege to announce the coming of the God’s kingdom.… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 3”

Offer a Special Invitation

Friends, Yesterday I mentioned an online article about inviting people to church. This link will take you to the article. I encourage you to take a moment to read the brief article. My favorite line in the article is, “Every invitation to church is an ‘I… Continue Reading “Offer a Special Invitation”

Why poolsandpastures?

Why would I call my blog poolsandpastures? That’s a good question. The term poolsandpastures has its roots in Psalm 23. The Shepherd leads his sheep by pools of still water to refresh their thirsty bodies and into green pastures to sustain them for the… Continue Reading “Why poolsandpastures?”