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Finish What You Start.

Friends, “You’ve got to finish what you started.” is a sentence I have heard all my life from my coaches, teachers, and parents. I have a bad habit of not finishing the things I start. I start strong and then fade toward the end.… Continue Reading “Finish What You Start.”

Discipleship Matters in 2018

Friends, In 1986, the late pastor James Montgomery Boice wrote, “There is a fatal defect in the life of Christ’s church in the twentieth century: a lack of true discipleship. Discipleship means forsaking everything to follow Christ. But for many of today’s supposed Christians… Continue Reading “Discipleship Matters in 2018”

Worshipping the Lord of Steadfast Love — Psalm 33

H.A. Ironsides, in his sermon on Psalm 33, defines worship simply as adoration: worship is the soul’s adoration of God Himself. All of the things we do in worship are meant to assist us in adoring God, but none of those things are actually… Continue Reading “Worshipping the Lord of Steadfast Love — Psalm 33”

How Skipping Church Affects Our Children

Source: How Skipping Church Affects Our Children

3 Necessary Commitments for Planting New Churches

Planting new, biblical, Christ-centered, and confessional churches is the most effective way to impact the lost world for Christ. Period.

Praying the Lord’s Prayer

Here are a few thoughts on praying the Lord’s Prayer from Bishop JC Ryle. I shared these with our congregation last Wednesday evening as we prayed our way through the prayer. Take a moment to read them and then pray through the prayer the Jesus… Continue Reading “Praying the Lord’s Prayer”

Keep Calm and Trust Jesus

One of the aspects of my job that I never thought I would enjoy as much as I do is reading. I read a lot. I read for sermon prep. I read for Bible Studies. I read for ministry vision. I read to understand… Continue Reading “Keep Calm and Trust Jesus”

Worship is About Jesus.

I want to begin this post with a confession: I struggle with self-centeredness occasionally. Ok, you got me, I struggle with it a lot. That should come as no surprise to you or anyone else reading this post. You know that I am no different… Continue Reading “Worship is About Jesus.”

Happy Thanksgiving and A Blessed Advent

Thanksgiving is upon us, and Advent is on its heels. These two wonderful seasons bring great joy and thankfulness into our lives. This is always an exciting time of the year. As you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, Advent, and then Christmas, take a moment… Continue Reading “Happy Thanksgiving and A Blessed Advent”

Why the Church, and Why Now?

The earliest Christians lived and breathed in times that were very similar to ours. They were certainly no strangers to relativism and narcissism. They also suffered from another deadly “ism,” syncretism, which wreaked havoc on their spiritual and religious climate. Yet, they found their balance and we are to learn from them.