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The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 12

Opposition was a reality for Jesus. People opposed him, and that was particularly the case with the leaders of Judaism, the scribes and Pharisees. Chapters 11 and 12 when taken together reveal the depth and significance of this opposition. It is overt hostility to… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 12”

The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 11

All of us have expectations. We have expectations of ourselves, our spouses, our kids, our churches, our friends, careers, our government, and many other things. And, for most of us these expectations are high. In general, that is a good thing. High expectations often… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 11”

The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 10

Conflict is a part of life. Its reality. And, this is certainly the case with the Christian life. For those who follow Jesus, conflict is inevitable. Think about it. To say “yes” to Jesus necessarily means to say “no” to something else. Those who… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 10”

The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 5

What does it mean to be a disciple? Jesus tells us in his most famous sermon. Matthew recorded this sermon beginning with the beatitudes and then moving into a systematic discussion of the right application of God’s law in Christ’s kingdom. Salt and Light… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 5”

The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 4

After overcoming his wideness temptation, Jesus called his first disciples — Andrew, Peter, James, and John. He then demonstrated the power and glory of his kingdom. The main point is that Jesus overcame the temptation and by doing so he established his kingdom. He… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 4”

The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 2

Chapter 2 begins with one of my favorite stories of the Gospel. The wise men see a star and take a chance in following it. Their testimony and sacrifice encourages me on my journey to follow Christ. Come Jesus is the king of the… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 2”

The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 1

Matthew wrote his Gospel to present Jesus to us as the true Heaven sent king of kings and to challenge us to give our lives for this king, His kingdom, and His glory. Chapter 1 has two main sections. The first 17 verses deal… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 1”

The NT365 Experiment

  Welcome to the NT365 Experiment.  During 2014, it is my goal to read and comment on the entire New Testament. The plan is simple: read one chapter a day five days a week and make a few points of personal application. In some… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment”