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The NT365 Experiment: Acts 27

We’re back, and I’m glad to be back. I have missed this time over the past week though I greatly enjoyed chapters 21-26 and the narrative they tell. Chapter 27 begins where chapter 26 left off. Now, you will probably say, “Clint, that’s obvious,”… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Acts 27”

The NT365 Experiment: Acts 21-26

At the conclusion of chapter 21, the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem seize Paul and drag him before the Roman Tribune in hopes of executing him. Over the next five chapters Luke tells the story of Paul’s various trials before various the judges of the different government… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Acts 21-26”

The NT365 Experiment: Acts 19-20

Paul and the Ephesian Christians had a special relationship. For two years they lived together, reasoned together, encouraged one another, and endured much hardship and spiritual warfare for the sake of Christ their Lord. At the beginning of chapter 19, Luke tells us of… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Acts 19-20”

The NT365 Experiment: Acts 18

God does amazing and wonderful things! He is a great and awesome God who brings light into darkness, order to chaos, hope in despair, and life into death. This is no more clearly seen than in his work of saving sinners. The Apostle Paul… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Acts 18”

The NT365 Experiment: Acts 17

It is not uncommon for us to talk about motivation with people. We’ll talk about what does or does not motivate us — what motivates our children, what we think motivates our politicians or the leaders of our churches or our schools, etc. This is… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Acts 17”

The NT365 Experiment: Acts 16

Persecution and hardship are real. Paul faced them in his life as follower of Christ and many others have throughout out the history of the church. As I write, there are many men, women, and children around the globe being persecuted for the sake… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Acts 16”

The NT365 Experiment: Acts 15

As Acts 15 begins, Luke reports that the Gentile Christian converts were pressured by some men from Judea to be circumcised according to the custom of Moses. The gentiles, along with Paul and Barnabas, “had no small dissension and debate with them” (15:1) Therefore,… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Acts 15”

The NT365 Experiment: Acts 13

Paul and Barnabas were selected by the Holy Spirit and the congregation at Antioch to be set aside for missionary service. And, they accepted the call. They went from Antioch to Cyprus, Barnabas’ home island (4:36), to Antioch in Pisidia. In each place they… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Acts 13”

The NT365 Experiment: Acts 12 (Prayer)

Our scheduled reading today is Acts 12, which is a fairly short chapter (25 verses) containing the story of Peter’s miraculous rescue from prison. He was imprisoned as a result of King Herod’s angry and violent campaign against some of the members of the… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Acts 12 (Prayer)”

The NT365 Experiment: Acts 11

Acts 11 is a great “little” chapter. It only consists of two stories — Peter’s report to the Jerusalem church about the work of the Holy Spirit among Gentiles and Barnabas and Saul’s (Paul) ministry to the church in Antioch. With these two stories,… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Acts 11”