The NT365 Experiment: Matthew 25

Chapter 25 is the continuation from chapter 24 of Jesus’ final instruction to his disciples. This instruction is often referred to as the Olivet Discourse because Jesus was sitting on the Mount Olives outside of Jerusalem when he taught it. The discourse, as we discussed previously, has one main theme and that is to give the disciples an understanding of the events that are to take place prior to the return of Christ in the future.

Here, in chapter 25, Jesus tells three parables that illustrate the manner in which they are to prepare for the return of Christ and their their need for such preparation. And, he concludes the discourse with a fourth parable on the judgement that is to come.

Good and Wicked Distinction

All of these four parables emphasize the difference between the good and the wicked servants of God. The good servants will receive the blessed reward from the Lord Jesus at his return, while the wicked will receive only judgement. Jesus defines the good and the bad servants in a very important way.

The Good — The good servants of God are those who respond to Christ’s call on their lives by trusting him with their lives, turning unto him in repentance from sins, and actively following him. They put their faith into action. For Jesus, faith is always active. It always breeds action in the lives of his followers.

The Bad — The bad servants of God are those who do the exact opposite of the good. They  respond to Christ’s call on their lives by rejecting him, continuing to live unrepentant lives, and actively serving themselves, not God. Their actions prove the absence of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Their actions prove their rejection of him as their Savior.

Challenges For Our Lives

From the Parable of the Tenants (25:14-30): Are you using the gifts God has invested in you for the advancement of his kingdom? Are you a being a good steward of those things God has given you? Does your management of time, talents, and resources prove that you are actively following him? How can you be a good steward of God’s grace today?

From the Parable of the Seep and Goats (25:31-46): Are you putting your faith to action by caring for those God cares for? Are you feeding the hungry? Giving water to the thirsty? Clothing the naked? Visiting the sick and imprisoned? How can you put your faith in action by caring for those around you today?

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