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The NT365 Experiment: Mark 4

Jesus was a teacher, and he did a lot of teaching. He taught his disciples. He taught¬†the crowds that followed him. He taught the Pharisees and the scribes. And, the subject matter he taught was always the same — the kingdom of God. Regardless… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Mark 4”

The NT365 Experiment: Mark 3

Great crowds followed Jesus throughout his ministry. People came from all over the ancient world to see him — to see his miracles, to hear his teaching, to touch him, to look him in the eyes. They wanted to know what he was all… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Mark 3”

The NT365 Experiment: Mark 2

Mark’s Gospel is action packed. He has little time for transition or editorial notes that provide further explanation for the life and stories of Jesus. This, I believe, is because he is ¬†interested in getting us to the cross of Christ quickly so as… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Mark 2”

The NT365 Experiment: Mark 1

We start reading the Mark today. And, I’m excited. I love Mark! I don’t really know why I do; I just do. I pray you will learn to love it as well. As a Gospel writer, Mark tells the story of Jesus’ life, death,… Continue Reading “The NT365 Experiment: Mark 1”